Inpatient Cover

What is the Inpatient Cover?

It is a cover for any medical treatment or surgical procedures requiring the occupation of a clinic bed and surgical procedures
which do not require an admission to a clinic.

This benefit includes:

1. Pregnancy:

a. Costs of Gynaecologists Fees for Deliveries are within agreed industry rates as per follows:

  • Normal Delivery: Rs 25,500 (Clinic Room Fees: 2 days)
  • Caesarean Deliveries: Rs 28,900 (Clinic Room Fees: 3 Days)

b. Normal Costs of Newborn:

  • Paediatrician Fees allowable for Normal Delivery: Rs 4,675
  • Paediatrician Fees allowable for Caesarean Delivery: Rs 6,375

c. Child Cover is as from birth with NO Waiting period.

2. Infertility & Endometriosis Treatment – Lifetime Limit of Rs 50,000

3. Congenital Disease – Lifetime Treatment of Rs 50,000

4. Orthopaedic Aid – Lifetime Limit of Rs 50,000

5. Funeral Grant – Rs 10,000

6. Mocarte Membership Card takes care of you right from your admission to any private clinic at any time.