Best ways to stay safe when we resume economic activities

The lift of the lockdown has been awaited by many enterprises. The resuming of the economic activities does not mean that the virus is not present anymore. Several preventive measures still need to be taken in order to stay safe and to stop the spread of the infection.

Here are the best ways to stay safe on your way on resuming the economic activities:

  • Prioritize working from home, as far as possible
  • Wear face masks & maintain social distancing
  • Wash hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer
  • Limit contact with colleagues during meetings and breaks
  • Limit contact with colleagues in common space areas such as staff rooms, kitchen and canteens
  • Eliminate, and if not possible, limit to the maximum, interaction between employees and clients
  • Encourage online meetings with clients or partners rather than having face to face interactions
  • Supply soap, water and hand sanitizer to the employees and visitors at the office
  • Rearrange the office spaces to respect the social distancing measures
  • Disinfect workspaces every day to limit the risks of contamination
  • Bring your lunch to avoid social interactions at snacks and restaurants
  • Business involving money transactions should prefer options like cashless transactions