About us


The business Mauritius Provident Association (Formerly MEFPA) was set up by the MEF in 1982, and aims at providing the Mosante health care scheme to employees of Business Mauritius member enterprises and their dependants. At BMPA, we make it our mission to understand the unique needs of your enterprise and of your employees in the area of health care. Our non-profit association status allows us to focus on our primary mission, which is to provide lifetime healthcare to our beneficiaries from babies to seniors.

Mosante is especially targeted at small and medium enterprises, especially those which cannot afford to have a health care scheme of their own.

Mosante operates today under a new mindset, namely disease management and health consciousness. We hereby offer a range of innovative prodcucts and services

Our Social Role

While being a Provider of health and care covers, BMPA also acts as a Promoter by encouraging employers to fulfill their social responsibility in order to increase employee productivity. Being a non-profit provident association, any extra surplus is reinvested into the improvement of health care facilities.

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